Saga is always looking for self-motivated, experienced, competent candidates with good English skills and qualification. You are welcome to contact us for further information. Our company does not take fees or scam You in any other way. You get what the possible employer offers.

All categories are welcome to present their data.


2nd Off. (ch.and oil tanker)
Salary: 4000 USD
Contract: 3 MONTHS +/-2 WEEKS
Embarkation: 15 01 2020
Sailing Area: Europe
Vessel type: Ch.and oil tanker
Flag: NIS
Built: 2009 / rebuilt 2018
GRT/DWT: 2996/3985
Main Engine: WARTSILA, 1950 KW


Salary: 5270 USD
Contract: 3-4 months
Embarkation: End of November
Sailing Area: Europe
Vessel type: Gen. Cargo with excavator
Flag: NIS
Built: 1998
GRT/DWT: 2834/4748
Main Engine: DEUTZ - 2200KW
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